All about Roses

Now that winter has wrapped its arms around the garden, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy with rose pruning and mulching. Roses are forgiving easy to grow plants that enjoy and appreciate an annual prune.

No expert skills are required, just a simple understanding that a short back and sides will benefit your roses each season.

The aim of rose pruning is to maintain a good even shape and to keep the rose bushes healthy and at a manageable size.


  • Reduces and maintains the size of the plant and keeps those thorny branches contained and away from paths and walkways
  • Allows more sunlight and air circulation into the centre of the plant, this promotes more flowers and improves resistance to attack from pests and disease.

How much to prune:

  • Use clean and sharp secateurs and thick gloves
  • Remove about a third of the plant each year aiming to open up the centre of the plant.
  • Cut out any weak and old stems.
  • Try to shape the bush as you go.
  • Fresh new growth will appear in the spring.

Pest Control:
Mix it up – to deter pest and disease problems, plant garlic and roses together.

For the best results:

Prune on a clear dry day, remove all the pruning’s and rake away any leaves that are left behind. Once done, complete the task by spraying with a winter clean up spray to kill any over wintering bugs and diseases. And remember to always use sharp loppers or secateurs for a clean cut.


After pruning, apply a thick layer of mulch, this will keep the area weed free, protect the soil and complete the neat and tidy look.


After giving the rose bushes a bit of TLC you will be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers inside and out.

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