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TenantOptions – Is an easy to use online application form

  • Follow and Complete the online form (Note you will be sent a confirmation email to log in. Don’t forget to check your Junk folder if you have not received the email).
  • Create & Complete your profile [you will be asked to send your reference emails as you go]
  • Once you have completed your profile and uploaded Identification documents and financials
  • Apply for the property of your choice by clicking “APPLY FOR PROPERTY” Note you don’t need to wait until your referees respond before applying for a property.
  • Start typing the Property address and it will appear from the drop down box, simply click on the property you with to apply for and follow the prompts.

If you have any issues with the online application please check the FAQ link at the bottom of the Tenant Options site or use the Tenant Options “contact us” Facebook help page or call us.


Tenants FAQs

How can I pay my rent?

Direct deposit to our rental trust account is the preferred method of paying your rent to our office. You may pay your rent in the following ways: Via the DEFT System – BPAY, Credit Card or EFT (banking details provided when you sign up) Internet Banking. Please ensure you include DEFT reference number when making all payments.

We Connect Property has a Zero Tolerance to Rent Arrears

Our office has a zero tolerance policy for late rental payments– our owners rely on these payments to be timely. If you default on your rent we will take immediate action from day one of your rental arrears. All rental arrears will be recorded on your tenancy ledger – you can ask to see a copy of this at any time. It is important to remember that whilst you pay rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly it is in fact calculated daily. Please ensure your rent payments are received at our office on or before the due date. If you feel we have made any discrepancies in receipting your rent you must provide us with the relevant bank statement or receipts before we can attempt to rectify it.

How much notice do I have to give if I wish to vacate?

Ending a Fixed Term agreement You are required under the Residential Tenancy Act to give a minimum of 28 days’ notice in writing any day prior to your lease expiry. Ending a Periodic agreement (A continuing lease past the lease end date) Once your lease expires, you are required under the residential tenancy act to give a minimum of 21 days’ notice in writing. Breaking your lease will incur charges that subsidise the Landlords costs to find a new Tenant. The Landlords approval must be received for the suitable Tenant to commence. The lease break charges are as follows: The tenant is responsible for rent until the day before new Tenant/s occupies the property or until the lease date ends, whichever is sooner. The tenant will also allow the Agent two (2) clear days between tenancies, the rent for this period is payable by the tenant. The tenant must pay re-letting costs and advertising that are originally charged to the owner as per the attached Residential Tenancy Fact Sheet. This is called a re-letting fee and the amount is calculated depending on the amount of weeks remaining in the tenancy.

How much Bond is collected?

A Security Bond is collected at the commencement of the tenancy and lodged with the Tenancies Branch of Office of Consumer and Business Affairs. A bond of 4 weeks rent is collected or 6 weeks if rent is in excess of $250 per week.

How can I report maintenance?

To report maintenance please click on and follow on this link. If your maintenance is urgent, please select the option on the reporting system.

Please ensure all maintenance is reported ASAP, as all damage incurred from delays in reporting maintenance are considered the tenants responsibility.

How often are my inspections? and Do I have to be present?

An initial inspection of your home will be carried out in the first six to eight weeks of your tenancy and then approximately every 12-14 weeks. You will be notified in writing 7-10 days prior to an inspection. You are not required to be at home for the inspection unless you wish to be. Please leave a note in a prominent position with anything you wish to bring to your property managers attention or email them prior to the inspection with any issues you may have. We expect that your home, inside and out will be well maintained and presented in a clean and tidy manner. If I am dissatisfied with the routine inspection, you will be advised to this effect and if deemed necessary, another inspection will be undertaken.

Outgoing Cleaning

This checklist may assist to maximise your Bond refund.

To assist when cleaning it may be helpful to refer to a general definition of a ‘clean’.

‘Clean’ is any area or item that cannot be enhanced with a cleaning product.



If you would like to register on our Tenant Database please click below and we will notify you if a property comes available in the areas you are looking.

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